Lip Enhancement

Soft, natural Lip Enhancements preformed by a Registered Nurse

If you feel that your lips are lacking in proportion, definition, or are thinning with age, Belotero® Lips could be established as the ideal treatment option for you.

As a highly-tailored treatment option, Belotero® Lips combines two targeted injectables, ‘Shape’ and ‘Contour’, for versatility beyond the offerings of traditional dermal filler products.

‘Shape’ gently augments the lips for balanced and even voluminisation, enhancing the structure of the upper and lower lips for a full, soft result. As a finishing touch, ‘Contour’ is used to subtly enhance the outline of the lips, for a well-defined, more sculpted and youthful appearance.

The Belotero® Lips treatment package is formulated for smooth integration with your existing lip tissue, for a safe and comfortable experience that enables you to enjoy maximum personalisation, with natural, lasting results that are unique to you.

Lip Treatments $549

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