Red Vein


Preformed by Registered Nurses and Internationally Qualified Technicians

Red Vein Treatment is an Advanced Electrolysis Treatment.

Red Vein Treatment is only performed on facial capillaries and is an advanced technique employed by Electrologists to reduce and eliminate individual, visible, surface capillaries (thread veins) and spider veins, on the face and décolletage. We use electrolysis to eliminate the capillary instantly.


How does it work?

Imagine the capillary as a tiny tunnel just under the skin surface (within 1-2 mm of the surface). Blood rushes down these tunnels. The very fine needle is inserted into these and heat applied which causes the capillary to heat to approximately 50-60 degrees centigrade, which coagulates the blood, blocking the capillary. The capillary waste is reabsorbed back into the body. Diathermy / Needle red vein is better for the large capillaries whereas VPL is more suitable for the very fine capillaries

After treatment other capillaries supply the skin on the treatment area, and take over from the capillaries that are treated.

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